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BE 7th CE - Advance Java Technology



Subject: Advance Java Technology(170703)
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You can get all ppt and data from below link.

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This is practical list of AJT for 7th BE in CE Student.

1. Writer a program which contain AWT components namely-TextField, TextArea,Button and a Label and places theses components onto the Applet window container using the
container’s add () method.

2. Write a program for a moving message using swing.

3. Write a program for addition of two numbers using swing.

4. Write a program to build a simple calculator using swing.

5. Write a program to study about database programming using java.sql package.

6. Write a program for client and server application using TCP Sockets.

7. Write a program for client and server application using RMI (Remote Method Invocation).

8.  Write a program to study about concept of Object Serialization.

9. Write a program which contains the basic HTML form and one Servlet class which contains the action of the form.

10. Write a program to explain the jsp concept with Netbeans.

You should have to run all this program during your LAB session.

Submission Date:- 29/08/2013

1.      What is servlet? List its important features and give its advantages.
2.      Explain the servlet life cycle with life cycle methods.
3.      Compare the servlet and CGI in term of performance.
4.      Explain following object with its important method.
a)  HttpServ letRequest
b)  HttpServletResponse
c)   RequestDispatcher
5.      What do you mean by a session? What are different session tracking mechanisms?
6.      What are cookies? Write a servlet that reads and prints all the previous cookies
      and add a cookie with your name.
7.      List the servlet session level events and show that how servlet destroy event is handled?
8.      What is filter? What is its use? List the different filter interfaces with their important methods.
9.      Develop any Servlet application which demonstrates use of session management.
10.  Write a servlet which counts the number of digits into an integer received as parameter. Give the necessary web.xml file to deploy the servlet.


1.      Explain life cycle of JSP and difference between JSP and Servlet.
2.      Explain the JSP implicit objects with their use.
3.      Explain the various types of JSP tags with example.
4.      Explain the various types of JSP tag library with examples.
5.      Explain the features of core tag library for JSP.
6.      Explain the following with respect to JSP Unified EL.
      i. Value expressions
ii. Method expressions
7.      Write a JSP page that prints your resume in well formatted form.


  1. Give the Hibernate Architecture diagram and explain each part in brief.
  2. Explain the O/R mapping in Hibernate.    

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