Monday, 16 September 2013

Compiler Design

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Syllabus for mid sem

1. Overview of the Translation Process, A Simple Compiler, Difference between
interpreter, assembler and compiler. Overview and use of linker and loader ,
types of Compiler, Analysis of the Source Program, The Phases of a Compiler,
Cousins of the Compiler, The Grouping of Phases, Lexical Analysis, Hard
Coding and Automatic Generation Lexical Analyzers, Front-end and Back-end
of compiler, pass structure

2. Lexical Analyzer
Introduction to Lexical Analyzer, Input Buffering,  Specification of Tokens,
Recognition of Tokens, A Language for Specifying Lexical Analyzers, Finite
Automata From a Regular Expression, Design of a Lexical Analyzer Generator,
Optimization of DFA

3. Parsing Theory      
Top Down and Bottom up Parsing Algorithms, Top-Down Parsing, Bottom-Up
Parsing, Operator-Precedence Parsing, LR Parsers, Automatic Generation of Parsers.
Syntax-Directed Definitions, Construction of Syntax Trees, Bottom-Up
Evaluation of S-Attributed Definitions, L-Attributed Definitions, syntax directed
definitions and translation schemes

4. Intermediate Code Generation  
Different Intermediate Forms, Syntax Directed Translation Mechanisms And
Attributed Mechanisms And Attributed Definition.

5. Error Recovery   (may b)            
Error Detection & Recovery, Ad-Hoc and Systematic Methods

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